Try Nurturing the Abundance Mentality

You hear it over and over in different forms, but the mantra is clear: resources seem scarce. Many people worry that we will run out of the necessities such as oil, food, and money-the list goes on and on. This concern can be demoralizing and debilitating. When that attitude takes over, we find ourselves stuck. What does it mean to be stuck? That’s when we experience a regression of imagination. It feels as though things will either remain the same as they are right now or get worse-professionally and personally. And, that’s what being stuck is all about.

At its root, the scarcity mentality means that people are SCARED. These folks become so afraid they will lose what they have, that they start hoarding their assets. They withhold from others and by doing that they begin to withhold from themselves. As a result, they become afraid to invest in themselves and in others. Without this investment, their opportunities begin to shrink.

Replacing this scarcity mentality with an abundance mentality forces us out of the mire. The idea of plenty works because it fits with reality-the way life works.

The root of the word ABUNDANCE comes from the waves of the ocean. Living at the beach, it amazes me to watch how the waves keep coming, one after another. I’m struck by the way the ocean is filled with abundant life, and the waves continue to come in perpetuity.

Developing a mindset of plenty becomes essential when you’re attempting to lead yourself and others. Leadership is “influencer-ship.” The abundance mentality influences followers by lifting their spirits and convincing them that their needs will be met.

There is abundance in this life. Genuine leaders tap into it. Then–instead of being a reservoir, hoarding resources–they become a river. As a river flows, they pass on what they have to others. They become like the waves of the ocean washing up on the sand and then receding, with more to follow. They receive, and then continue to give. And they don’t have to worry because even though they might not see it right in front of them they know that more is on the way.

How have you tapped into the abundance mentality and what have been the results?