Self-Management: Open, Flexible, and Adaptable

How do organizations embrace life-long learning that creates a differentiated workplace?  Much of what we know about work is being turned upside down.  Our friend, executive, researcher and author, Sunnie Giles, has created a 6-point model that helps leaders disrupt themselves and their functions—or risk being disrupted.  In this short excerpt from her newest book, Sunnie highlights 3 important qualities of what it means to...
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Did You Get Your Ticket Validated?

To Validate = (1) to confirm the truth; (2) to register formally; (3) to make legal; (4) to make somebody feel valued. Validation is a part of life. It starts in the home with our caregivers. It continues as we go to school. We are validated to various degrees with test scores and feedback from our instructors. Outside the classroom there is consistent validation on...
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3 Tips To Reignite Your Passion At Work

If you find yourself getting bored at work or increasingly uninterested in what you are doing, it’s time to turn things around—now! Otherwise, in no time flat, you will find yourself headed down the dark rabbit hole of despair. Take a serious look at why you are in your current role (and with your current team or company). Even if the job fit or choice...
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8 Ways to Build a Bridge From Setbacks to Setups

Our history is filled with stories of people who turn major setbacks, addictions, and bad decisions into a purposeful future. When Chuck Colson went to prison for his major part in Watergate, his fall from grace gave rise to a nonprofit that has become a redemptive turn around for multitudes of imprisoned inmates. He is not alone. Many others have turned their “scandal” into organizations that help...
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Four Ways To Transform Your Culture

In a survey of top leaders by Booz and Company in 2013 84% of companies surveyed said culture was critical to success and yet the majority admitted their culture needed a major overhaul. So, how do you transform a culture to meet your company’s needs today? How can you get employees or teams to behave the way you need them to in order to execute...
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6 Ways To Make Better Decisions

How do leaders leverage themselves—especially in the area of making good decisions? Group input is highly valuable for the best decisions. However, over-confidence can cause the leader to go solo when he or she feels it suits them. This usually leads to the erosion of others confidence in the executive’s ability to lead. 2 myths distort the process. Myth #1 — Decisions should be made...
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