Individual people are the organization’s greatest asset. It is the healthy relationships between people that make the organization effective. Key relationships are expressed in our interactions with one another, as a team, as well as on work-groups and boards. Teams are a key catalyst to organizational development. Mick will help align your thinking strategically, understand the importance of your number one job, and develop the key disciplines necessary for organizational vitality.

Managing the Millenials

Transform points of tension into points of connection with the 9 managerial competencies identified here.

Generational Diversity

As evidenced in the popular media, the differences between generations has produced a lot of noise….…..much of it wrong! That leads to negative labeling and a faulty perception. Age and perspective have created a disconnected workplace. Most managers you speak with understand the phenomenon and can readily describe their own challenges when it comes to relating with employees who are making the transition to work life. We want to transform your culture. How do you create a workplace that attracts, engages, develops and retains your next generation of leaders? Your younger employees are your first point of contact with the way the world is becoming. On the other hand, older generations have experience. Combining these two outlooks is a winning combination. This, however, will not happen, without a cooperative relationship. And relationship will not happen without understanding the values that drives each generation’s behaviors.

A team that benefits from generational diversity will be able to communicate with the experience of a Baby Boomer, the resilience of Generation X and the modern insights of a Millennial.

People see danger where there is only difference.


When you leverage your passions, your strengths, and your opportunities – you are beginning to discover your leadership style.


People work better on teams with those they like and trust. Teamwork is the driving force in the business world today. Without effective collaboration, achieving business outcomes are greatly diminished. Improving your team’s Emotional Intelligence will lead to great things for your team culture. It impacts our ability to handle stress, make decisions, and solve problems.

Keynote Speaking

Mick is passionate about self-awareness, personal reflection, and Emotional Intelligence for individuals and teams.  How does one magnify their passion, master their moods, maintain their focus, manage their time and maximize their talents? As a keynote speaker, Mick will inspire your participants, illuminate insights, and motivate change. 

Customized Coaching

Our team provides an Emotional Intelligence assessment that includes a customized report specific to you and your organization. In addition, you will receive personal coaching sessions with our certified EQi experts. 

One to Two Day Workshops

Our team offers practical, skill-based Emotional Intelligence workshops to create a framework for dealing with emotions in the workplace. This is essential for achieving team cohesiveness and goals. We will create an experience that incorporates your specific needs for a customized curriculum.

Ethics in Leadership

In ethics, we look to leaders to lead and take responsibility for both positive and negative results in an organization. Although Philosophers have been discussing ethics for centuries, the topic of Ethical Leadership is relatively new. 

Leaders who are role models accomplish two things. First, they communicate the importance of ethical standards, and hold their employees accountable to those standards. Second, they develop a culture of doing the right thing. Ethics is not only outer compliance but also inner character.  When standards and convictions are combined, the possibility of good decisions increase. 

Mick is co-founder of the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership (UCEL) at California State University, Long Beach. Strengthening communities by creating a culture of ethical practice is the vision for UCEL. It does this through education, research, and community outreach. Each year, the center gives the John and Nell Wooden Ethics in Leadership Award to those who have promoted ethical leadership in the marketplace.

Hall of Fame

Check out our storage vault of personal interviews with some of the most important thought leaders of our time. Mick gets classic and timely advice on business, personal development and leadership given by super influencers like Ken Blanchard, John Wooden, Patrick Lencioni and Warren Bennis. Also included in our Hall of Fame are interviews with Mick on Fox News, Fox Business News, and NBC News.

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