books that impact your life

Mick Ukleja’s book, Who Are You? What Do You Want? Four Questions That Will Change Your Life, has been praised by legendary coach John Wooden, Grand Slam golf champion Gary Player, and many prominent leaders and CEOs, as “The one book to read that will immediately impact your life.” Mick has also co-authored two other books, The Ethics Challenge, and Managing the Millennials.

Who are you?
What do you want?

Who Are You and What Do You Want? is the result of the search to find the common thread in people who are noticeably happy and successful. As leadership coaches, the authors’ have observed that once someone knows what their passions and values are, everything else falls into place.

As a result, they developed an approach called 4-Dimensional Thinking, which they have been using for the past twenty-five years with life-changing results. Each dimension offers a series of thought-provoking questions to help guide the reader to their own conclusions. By the end of the process the reader will experience a dramatic transformation: their life will be renewed and their relationships at home and work will be vastly improved.

The Ethics Challenge

The world is full of ethical breaches of all variety. How does one keep their moral compass in tact in the midst of ethical tsunamis? Without an ethical compass, trust erodes, relationships fail and global commerce implodes. Contrary to the thinking of some, nice guys and gals don’t finish last. Sometime they finish first. However they always finish better. Living with integrity isn’t easy but living without it is impossible

Read THE ETHICS CHALLENGE: STRENGTHENING YOUR INTEGRITY IN A GREEDY WORLD. This breezy, story-filled guide to becoming a more ethical person explains why ethical behavior is a winning strategy. There are six things everyone can do to keep strong and to follow their good intentions. These principles prepare people to stick to their basic values in the face of ethical challenges they meet every day.

Managing The Millennials

Millennials are your first point of contact with how the world is becoming. You cannot understand the behaviors of a particular generation unless you understand the intrinsic values that drive those behaviors.  In Managing the Millennials, you discover the differences between the generations at work today in business and around the world. The authors dig deep to explore what makes the millennials so different than the ones that came before. This book identifies 9 crucial points of tension and the 9 managerial competencies that transforms those points of tension into points of connection. It is impossible to engage people while we stamp negative labels across their foreheads.  A wealth of informative tables and convenient end-of-chapter summaries make this book an invaluable everyday reference to support you.