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Mick uses your best thinking to help you explore options and growth beyond where you could go by yourself. Having a broader perspective expands your awareness and reveals new choices. Mick will help you connect your goals and actions with what matters most in your life. You will go further, faster, with less fatigue.

Who are you? What do you want?

The reader will experience a dramatic transformation: their life will be renewed and their relationships will be vastly improved.

Grow Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is at the root of our ability to sharpen thinking and unravel social complexities by perceiving, generating, and managing emotions in ourselves and others. It is sometimes referred to as street smarts or common sense. 

Emotional Intelligence can be measured more reliably and less controversially than IQ, and, unlike IQ, it can be substantially strengthened, especially with the help of a strong consultant or coach. It may be hard work, but EI can be developed with the right amount of motivation, practice and feedback. 

Personal Strategic Planning

Our goal is to help you use your best thinking so you can explore options and growth beyond where you could go by yourself. Great organizations are made up of great individuals. Personal Strategic Planning will help you achieve personal fulfillment and collective impact. We will help you broaden your perspective, expand your awareness, and reveal new choices. Your greatness lies outside your circle of comfort. Mick will help you expand that circle.

Who Are You? What do You Want?

When you know who you are, then what you want tends to show up. When you know where you are, you will discover it is a lot easier to get to where you want to go. Who are you becoming and how far will that person take you. Mick Ukleja explains the four dimensional thinking model to a diverse audience of emerging leaders. 

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