Based on our research and your response, we’ve listed last year’s top 10 blog posts.  Several hit a real “need”  in your lives.  Some of my favorites were not on the list, but yours are.

Top 10Here’s what we did –

A. We have identified our top 10 posts

1. 9 Things Not To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

2. 7 People You Need On Your Team

3. 7 Distorted Thinking Patterns That Contribute to Anxiety

4. 4 “Power” Habits Leading To Success

5. 5 Practices That Promote A Rich Life With Less Stuff

6. 6 Attributes Of Healthy Humility

7. Why Your “Passion” Is Closer Than You Think

8. 5 Mindsets That Boost Personal Growth

9. 7 Tips For Managing Your Stress

10. 8 Lessons From The Godfather Of Leadership, Warren Bennis

B.     Many of the posts were referred to in several publications; magazines, journals, and various organizations throughout the world; i.e. Inspirational Leadership; The Hay Group; Convene, The Human Capital Group; Worldwide Association of Business Coaches; Christian Business Coach Network;  International Society for Coaching; Invite Change Community; The Company Ethicist Magazine; The Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium, The Orange County Register (Business Section), Long Beach Business Journal (Regular Column – Effective Leadership), etc.

C. Thank your for reading.  It’s been a feeling of fulfillment  to see the reach grow.  In fact, I get more than I give.  This is a discipline  that sharpens my thinking.  Through writing, what I believe and value becomes more clear.

Let’s make 2015 the best year ever by asking, What kind of person am I becoming? And how far would that person take me? 

We are here to serve you and add value in any way we can.

Wishing you the best!!