brain-regions-100414-02Your brain has the ability to reorganize itself by forming new neuro connections throughout your entire life. This is called neuroplasticity, which has become a popular term.

Your brain is like a supercomputer. It has more connections than there are stars in the universe. Picture your brain as the hardware. The operating system would be all the neurons in your brain. The software are the things we download into the operating system which in turn is housed in the hardware.

The software – what we feed into the brain—is what most impacts the results we get. This is what positively or negatively affects the outcome.

So it makes sense that you can achieve your preferences faster by upgrading the software that you downloaded into your brain.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind to achieve optimum results.

  1. Your Brain Can Change. An old paradigm existed called “neuro static”. This was the belief that the brain was finished developing in childhood and started to decline at age 30. Brain cells relentlessly died with no hope of regeneration or the ability to develop fresh patterns of connection. Not so! New technology – including MRI brain scans – has allowed scientists to see what happens as people learn new things. The brain literally forms new connections.
  1. Your Brain Can Improve With Age. A number of studies have demonstrated how the brain grows, adapts, changes, and improves. Not only are old brain connections strengthened, but new brain cells are generated (neurogenesis). Some cells do die and go flat as we age, but we have plenty of spare tires. We have more than 100 billion cells and only use a fraction of them – and they are ready to go!

 A study was done on 660 people. The 2 groupings consisted of those with negative attitudes toward aging and those with positive attitudes toward aging. The latter group was interested in longevity and improvement. Their intelligence was growing with age, and they outlived the negative group by an average of 7.5 years.

  1. Your Brain Loves To Be Stimulated. The more you use it, the better it gets. “Although it’s hard to overstate Leonardo da Vinci’s brilliance, recent scientific research reveals that you probably underestimate your own capabilities. Learning new things causes your brain to function in a livelier way. The more parts that are awakened out of their slumber, the sharper your brain becomes. This includes exercise! Your brain is 2% of your body but uses 20% of your oxygen. Exercise also stimulates the brain.
  1. Your Limiting Beliefs and Habits Keep Your Brain Stuck. This is the software. All the parts in a computer are needed. But if the software is corrupt, you’ll never get the results you want. It doesn’t matter how fast the operating system is. The software determines the output – the results. The software is a combination of your beliefs and If you want optimum results, you must have optimum beliefs and habits. An upgrade in one increases the output of the other.
  1. Your Brain Performs a Multitude of Things Unconsciously. It does this at lightening speed using an incredible storage memory system. Our beliefs and habits cause us to move forward or stay stuck. They create our emotions – both positive and negative. This is done 90% of the time on autopilot. It puts boundaries on what we feel we are capable of doing. Our capabilities stay stuck unless there is new programing with new beliefs and habits. Our outlooks don’t change without effort.
  1. Your Brain Was Created For You To Control. There is no other species that can program their brain with positive and negative thoughts. When we capture and hold onto a negative thought, it’s as if it were real. Rejection and shame are as impactful as physical pain. Tylenol works to relieve this emotional pain because it impacts the same area of the brain as physical pain. We all have fears and doubts. But when we let them flood our brain then the part of our brain responsible for our dreams, reasoning, and creativity does not optimally work. Fears and doubts usually come in the form of negative experiences and beliefs. In essence, we allow our past to control our present, which impacts our future – i.e. what we are becoming. This happens by default, not by design.
  1. Your Brain Can Be Reprogrammed. The good news is your brain can be reprogrammed – by design. Time to start taking control. The key is to identify thoughts and beliefs that produce your behaviors and habits. They are pulling you forward or keeping you stuck. Once you know the negative ones, you can release them as unproductive and disempowering beliefs.

What do you do to observe and analyze what goes into your brain? How do you defuse the power of limiting beliefs? We would love to hear from you.