How Do I Reward And Motivate… With Less Money? – Part III

Tough times? Every organization goes through them. More attention is being paid to the bottom line. That being the case, equally as much attention should be paid to the frontline—the team members that produce the results. In the earlier posts in this series (part I & part II), I said we need to Staff By Strengths and Appoint By Passion, Let Them Lead, Build From the Beginning, and Reward With Recognition. Let me finish by adding two more. Not only should we reward with recognition, but we should also…


Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes, so be creative. Bob Nelson’s book, 1001 Ways To Reward Employees, has great ideas. The key? Make it personal. Invest some of your own time and effort. I’m not into homemade banners, but I can do thank you cards. Maybe a handwritten note enclosing a Starbucks or frozen yogurt certificate. Dinner or lunch with you—maybe you grill the steaks. I like hosting team members at sporting events. Don’t forget to pay for the refreshments. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to communicate appreciation! Caveat. Make sure you tailor the reward to the interests and likes of the person getting it. Some are lukewarm on sports, and some don’t drink coffee. Go figure.


Don’t wait! Start now. Build a reputation for being a great person to work for and work with. You will discover that you will have good people wanting to work with you. This is one of the keys to retention, even during the budget crunch. Here’s the important point to remember. Even if you have the leverage of remuneration at your disposal…these tips will take your team to the next level.

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