Generational Diversity



Businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits are all experiencing the challenge of managing across generations. As noted in a recent USA Today headline, “Businesses are struggling to keep pace with a new generation of young people entering the workforce who have starkly different attitudes and desires than employees over the past few decades.”

Mick delves into the skills needed to bridge this attitude and values gap. He will share insights from a three-year research project that identifies key managerial leadership competencies that demystify the generational disconnect experienced in today’s workplace.

Topic Take Aways

Leaders that thrive

Gain greater understanding of how you can support the development of an organization in which leaders, and managers of diverse generations can thrive collectively

Effective managers

Learn what separates effective managers from challenged ones

Define the generations

Define The Generations: their social markers, demographics and intrinsic values


Discover the keys that drive engagement and retention of your younger workforce

Explore the disconnect

Explore the perceived disconnect between Management (Authority) and your younger workforce

Learn the competencies

Learn 9 competencies for cross generational leadership

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