The Ethics Challenge – Facing the Herd



America is a nation of laws. Ironically, we face a hurdle in the rules-based nature of our society.  We need a strong ethical grounding. A sense of mission and a culture of trust are important, but not enough. Ethics must complement the rules. This starts on the inside.  You don’t get a culture of ethics without personal transformation. When it comes to living ethically, outer compliance and inner character are a  winning combination. Tom Peters, Uber-Guru of management commented on Mick’s book and said…… “Read the Ethics Challenge. Please act on it. Your professional and family life alike literally depend on it.”

Developing cultures of ethics is needed today more than ever...


More than half of employees at Fortune 500 companies observed misconduct this past year


Pressures of high revenues, growth, fuel compliance shortcuts

Trust Decline

Ethics group warns of “steep decline” in workforce trust

Ethical Pressure

Employees everywhere say they face increasing pressure to commit ethical violations

Workplace Misconduct

45 percent have witnessed workplace misconduct

Ethics Downturn

Latest national business ethics survey reveals looming ethics downturn in corporate America

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