Five Habits that Successful People Renew on a Daily Basis



The greatest limitations leaders experience are usually self-imposed. One of the more difficult things to overcome is our own frame of mind and the ability to master our moods. Mick makes it clear in this presentation that it is the nature of the presence of the leader that most impacts the people around them. The skills include; magnifying your passion, mastering your moods, maintaining your focus, managing your time, and maximizing your talents.

Topic Take Aways


Passion precedes preparation. Learn how your passion can enhance your preparation. Most people don’t get burned out, they get bored out. You will learn how to stoke your passion.


Become the master of your moods, rather than being the mastered by them. Practice the habit of acting before feeling.


Focused leaders display both concentration and single mindedness. Since we live in a target-rich environment, the secret of concentration is elimination.


Mastering your time is about mastering your life. Living the life you want is more about priorities than time. Knowing what you want to do is essential for effective time management. Learn how to schedule your values, not just activities and appointments.


Maximizing your talent will not take place without continual learning and service to others. Define what you are doing to invest in yourself and others.

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