Empowerment Is A Way of Being And Doing



In today’s world,  organizations are becoming less hierarchical and more collaborative.  Rigid hierarchies are giving way to more liquid structures.  As a result,  the role of empowerment has never been more important.  Success in maximizing the benefits of a truly empowered organization does not come easily or quickly.  However, there are some great concepts and tools that you can immediately learn.  Empowerment is not a technique.  It is a way of being and doing.  It is much more than delegation.  It has at its core self-efficacy: a belief in one’s personal ability to do a task.

Topic Take Aways


Understand what empowerment is and is not


See the five qualities an empowering leader provides


Learn the characteristics of an empowered environment


Gain insight into the Four-Step Empowerment Model

Business Application

Imbed into your business authority, accountability, alignment and ableness


Know the cultural context in which empowerment grows

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